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       Three-dimensional carving machine and people also need maintenance, it need maintenance is far more than one even need maintenance, good maintenance can greatly improve the life of a three-dimensional carving machine, thus greatly improve the economic benefit. So, how to maintain the 3d engraving machine? What is the fault of the 3d engraving machine and the fault analysis of the engraving machine? The following is an analysis of the daily maintenance of the engraving machine and the solution to the failure.


       Three-dimensional carving machine system belongs to the numerical control system, have certain requirements for grid environment, this system on the power grid should be no welding machine, frequent starting of machine tools, electric tools, radio stations, such as strong power grid disturbance caused computers and abnormal three-dimensional carving machine system work.







1. Maintenance is an important means to ensure the service life of 3d engraving machine and improve the efficiency of equipment:
1. Normal use according to the operation specifications in actual use.
2. Check the main shaft motor and pump water pipe, connect the pump power supply, check whether the water pump water supply and drainage work is normal.
3. In order to avoid loose or poor contact of power socket, the product can be scrapped. Please choose a good power outlet, which should have reliable grounding protection.
4. Daily maintenance requires that the work table and equipment should be cleaned and refueling after daily work to avoid unnecessary losses.
5. Regular maintenance shall be conducted once a month. The purpose of maintenance is to check whether the screws of various parts of the machine are loose and to ensure good lubrication and environmental conditions.




(1)故障原因 ①闸把损坏判断 ②调速转把损坏判断 ③电机损坏判断 ④控制器损坏

(2)故障排除 ①拔下刹把插座(常开型刹把)。8~4。2V由低向高变化。电动开关车窗的耗电量很大,慢车状态时激活的一刹那甚至会使引擎声音发生变化,所以电池较弱的汽车,注意不要将车窗同时开或关。电动开关车窗动作不顺畅的原因多为车门内部升降机里的油份耗尽,应取下内盖加上油。若是玻璃完全不能动作,则有可能是开关故障。电子装置如果不动作,检查保险丝是一般常识。

3. Failure analysis and alarm failure:
The overpass alarm means that the machine has reached the limit in the running process. Please follow the following steps:
The size of the design is beyond the machining range. The meter shows normal and the motor does not turn.
(1) the failure causes the brake to turn the damage judgment on the damage judgment.
(2) troubleshooting and remove the brake socket (often open type brake handle). 8 ~ 4. 2V is changed from low to high. The electric power switch has a very high power consumption. In the moment of slow motion, the engine's voice will change, so the battery is weak, and the car should not be opened or closed at the same time. The reason for the unsmooth operation of the electric switch window is that the oil in the internal lift of the door is exhausted, and the inner lid should be removed and the oil is added. If glass is completely unable to move, it may be a switch fault. If the electronic device does not move, it is common knowledge to check the fuse.