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       Three-dimensional carving machine is the three axis coordinate axis, the x, y, z axis, which said about space x, y space before and after, z fluctuation space, thus formed the visual stereo feeling of the person, three-dimensional carving machine is made by three-dimensional carving software can apply all kinds of material on the cutting plane, two-dimensional sculpture, three-dimensional sculpture. Three dimensions are made up of two dimensions, two dimensions that only exist in two directions, and a two dimensional one and one dimension are folded together to get three dimensions.


The performance characteristics of
1. 3 d carving machine is a unique design, designed for mahogany, antique furniture, three-dimensional relief sculpture design models, high speed, high precision, fully meet the requirements needed to carve patterns or designs on woodwork.
2. Three-axis dustproof design, gantry type movement, whole bed casting, strong and durable non-deformation.

3.电子产品行业:电路板、绝缘材料、LED显示屏、家电(彩电、洗衣机、冰箱)外壳或模型等雕刻镂铣 4.乐器生产行业:雕刻乐器三维曲面、外形切割,如大、小提琴面板与琴头、吉他、二胡等三维曲面雕刻镂铣

Range of application
: 1. Woodworking industry is mainly suitable for hardwood relief sculpture, classical annatto furniture and antique furniture processing, wood carving craft, gift box, wood box, such as products, decorative products, jewelry, fine carving carving.
2. Wooden handicraft processing: clock frame, process picture frame, calligraphy plaque, electric appliance counter, sporting goods equipment, thin aluminum plate engraving and engraving;
3. Electronics, circuit boards, insulation materials, LED display, home appliance (color TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators) shell or model, such as sculpture after 4. Instrument manufacturing industry: instrument three-dimensional curved surface, shape cutting, carving, such as large, panel on the violin and piano, guitar and erhu, such as sculpture after 3 d surfaces